Month: January 2017

Quality Analysis in Cycling?

“Half of what we know is wrong, the purpose of science is to determine which half.” Arthur Kornberg I just got the new edition of my power meter yesterday. They had some sensor revisions, so I have installed the sensors

How to become a better cyclist in 2017

How do I become a better _____? Do you even ask yourself this question? When, and how often? This question should be an evaluative type question. But, many of us use it as a “I wish” type of situation. Ok,

Choosing Tires

This is just a beginning post about choosing tires. There is quite a bit of logic to discuss for this subject. First off, it is regular to see riders that train on tires that they have not intention of racing

The Truth Behind Diets

I will follow this post up with something else about what the current trends are. I feel those are different things at the moment. Your diet is not a simple thing to consider. A fad or what is popular may

Secrets to Success

Up until now, I have been a bit reluctant to tell some of the secrets. Many successful riders have things stored in their brains about how to ride well, or how to win something and they wont tell. In fact,