I really hate writing about myself, but here is a little bit about me:

Back in 1984 I discovered my sporting aptitude, and that was in cycling. It was a weird experience. I decided to try my first race in Scottsdale, Arizona. I crashed, and still finished. It was the most fun and challenging thing I had ever done!

Through the ensuing years my vocation has changed, but my love for cycling has not. Between my dad and I, we have raced all over the United States, won numerous state championships, have been competitive on an national elite level in multiple disciplines, ran cycling clubs and teams, coached riders, engineered and built bicycles, promoted hundreds of races and rides and so many other cycling related things that I can keep on listing. Ultimately, that is a lot of learning over the years.

I personally have probably raced in at least a thousand races. I used to hold a state 40k TT record. Even had a 57 min top 50 finish in the TT at Elite Nationals with a broken seat! What I think is the most rewarding thing is the great experiences. Those experiences have taught many lessons over the years.

But, probably the coolest and most rewarding thing I have done, is to help others realize their potential. When we ran our cycling team, it felt so much better to help people win. To teach them step by step, and watch them execute. It was one thing to do it yourself, but to prove that others could do exactly the same thing was that much better!