I hope that you have read that I am more of an instructor than a coach. I love to teach classes, and with that there is a knowledge area and a practical application aspect. I really do encourage notes, both in the class and overall as you learn- otherwise known as a diary.

Class Type Description
Bicycle Mechanics 101 Taught through a number of sessions all with a different focus. From basic maintenance through how to build a bicycle frame. I have

years of experience in bicycle shops, as a pro team mechanic, frame designer and manufacturer of bicycles.

Bicycle Fit Fitting a bicycle is a science. We will explore how to fit a bicycle, and the synergy between rider, geometry and riding styles.
Training Data As a rider there is significant data to be evaluated, and many times we have a hard time analyzing it. Learn what it all means, and

how to build relationships to riding events.

“Fitness” Relationships This class attempts to teach the relationships between data, on the bike events, the environment, people and a host of other

elements so that we can help our brains understand the logic of what we experience. Through this logic we can then capitalize

on the opportunities, or understand what makes a success.

Gathering Course Data
Reading a Race
Goal Evaluation
Cycling Biomechanics