Coaching Services

I hate the word coaching. I have a different philosophy, ultimately I think it can work for you as well, and that is to be a teacher, or an instructor.  You see, I have been in this sport for over 3 decades now, and it has taught me so much. The problem is do you have time for the sport to teach you these lessons?

What I offer:

  • Bicycle fit
  • Overall cycling strategy
  • Race strategy
  • On the bike instruction
  • Off the bike instruction
  • Optimized weight training
  • Optimized on the bike training
  • Movement efficiency
  • Access to articles that provide in-depth insight into sporting success
  • Race and ride travel/support
  • Equipment discounts
  • Junior development
  • 5 year development plans
  • Goal analysis and planning
  • Fitness planning
  • Diet coaching