Secrets to Success

Up until now, I have been a bit reluctant to tell some of the secrets. Many successful riders have things stored in their brains about how to ride well, or how to win something and they wont tell. In fact, some of them will even hide their true training on Strava or elsewhere so you cant really see what they truly do to be so good.

Unfortunately everything comes with a price. To be good, the price is perspiration. To be truly successful takes lots of perspiration!

We can teach you many of the secrets. Like relationships. Here is what most people dont realize- learning to be a better rider is about building relationships. No, not a romantic type, but you should really love what you are doing.

For our brains to best comprehend information, we have to build relationships so that we can understand. A good coach will instruct their riders in a way so that in training the rider experiences the efforts and situations to build good memories from. These memories are the basis for the relationships to good performance. It is one thing to do a hill interval, it is another to understand your breaking point, and how to prolong the effort to achieve maximum performance.

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