The Truth Behind Diets

I will follow this post up with something else about what the current trends are. I feel those are different things at the moment. Your diet is not a simple thing to consider. A fad or what is popular may not ever work for you. Ultimately, our chemistries are different, we have to try things to find out what works best.

Some truths:

  • There are diets that are low carb, or low fat, even low protein. They all have different uses for an athlete. All of them are actually usable if done properly.
  • Your diet at different times of the year must change. Your bodies needs are variable.
  • You must experiment with different foods, drinks and supplements to understand how your body could, or would use them.
  • The estimates of calories spent by many fitness monitors are wrong and overstate.
  • 92% of our bodies make-up is water.
  • The average American male who may weigh 160 lbs with 15% body fat has 24 pounds of body fat which is about 84,000 calories of stored energy or so. He’ll have a metabolic rate close to 2,400 calories/day. Even with complete starvation, that’d get him through nearly 35 days without any food, assuming he was using 100% fat.
  • Extremely obese individuals may have upwards of 50-100 lbs of stored fat to the tune of 175,000-350,000 calories of stored energy. That’ll keep them alive for several months at least without emptying their fat stores. Some very obese individuals have been fasted for up to a year without problems.
  • Fat cells contain a small amount of water.

You have to decide what your diet for weight loss is going to target. We do have a considerable amount of water weight in our bodies. We do have fat, and that is not necessarily bad. Too much fat is bad, but there is and optimum amount, and here is another truth, we have to train our bodies for efficiency based on the resources available.

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